LUSU leads the Dan Maskell Visually Impaired Tennis Camp in Northumberland

Whilst Sue was receiving the Regional LTA Award at Ilkley, Lou delivered the Visually Impaired Dan Maskell Tennis Camp at the Nortumberland Tennis Club.

IBTA Sound Tennis Ball in the foreground with tennis courts in the background
Ready, Yes, Play

20 players joined the coaches Frankie Rohan and Andy Bell, led by Louise for a 2 day camp, working on stroke technique, tactical intentions and matchplay.

For some players, this was their first camp (some players having only played for a couple of times), and for others this provided an additional opportunity to their club sessions or even to the GB camps they have attended.

The days started with movement and tracking warm ups, linked into Ready Read, React. Tracking is essential, to allow the players to get behind the flight of the incoming ball, therefore being in the correct position to contact the ball in-front of the racket to effectively send the outgoing ball. Tracking for Visually Impaired players is extremely important, as every player has a different sight condition which in turn may effect how the players move, their ability to read the ball and therefore the ability to react to the where the ball bounces.

The days continued with specific stroke work linking tactical intention and technique, with fun drills and games. At the end of the day players turned friendships to rivalry as matchplay including doubles commenced, and all that could be heard was ‘Ready, Yes, Play’ and the sound of the balls.

Visually Impaired camps and sessions rely greatly on the support of volunteers, and many volunteers gave their time on both days to help with the ball collection and guiding around the centre. A big thank you, it is much appreciated.

Saturday night moved into the social element, where players joined together for an early meal, and with one of the players celebrating their 40th it was a great opportunity to relax off court.

A great weekend both on and off the court for players, volunteers and coaches alike.

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