The Invictus Games Dussledorf 2023

Very exciting times here at LUSU Sports. Louise has been selected to be the UK Team Manager at the Invictus games in Dusseldorf 2023.

Louise has been working with the UK Team for many many months now getting them all ready for the 2023 Invictus games. She has been working so hard and spending many hours making sure that everythinng and everyone is ready for this absolutely amazing games.

Yesterday, Louise and the UK Team flew out to Dussledorf Germany with all there equipment, bags abd 2 amazing Guide Dogs.

Today will be the first time all the UK Team walk into the stadium and make themselves used to the surroundings – an exciting day. All the training and hard work is all about to become real.

Lets all wish Louise and and the UK Team Goodluck and “watch this space” as ther will be more news and updates throughout the coming weeks.

The photos show the UK Team having a picture infront of the plane as the airport.

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