Zoom in the Room “Using Tennis to help people with Parkinsons exercise the brain”.

Opening slide of the presentation Using tennis to help the Parkinson's brain. With logos from LUSU Sports, Reach you Peak and the LTA

Yesterday, LUSU Sports Ltd delivered a “zoom in the room” to a group of physios across the North of England, exploring how playing tennis can help exercise the brain and assist in aiding movement skills. We were supported by Matt Elkington from the LTA Coach Development Team and Reach Your Peak.

It is great to be part of an innovative project, teaming up with the LTA, Physios and working with a specific target audience.

It was great to see the enthusiasm and excitement the physios attending had about introducing tennis into their physical activity sessions and watching their confidence increase with tennis activities. We all had a lot of fun.

A slide from the LUSU presentation titled Benefits of Activity. Bullet points include: Improved health and wellbeing Better sleep Exercise helps you use Dopamine more effectively Fun and interactive sessions Builds rapport Builds confidence - making friends Improve communication skills Small activity can still mean a lot May delay the progression of symptoms

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