Where it all began – reflections from Sue

12 years ago, I was invited to coach multi activities on the CADS holiday club (Children’s Abled Disabled Sports) at Seashell Trust and that was the start of such a wonderful relationship with the staff and pupils there.

I soon realized that the equipment that was available was just not working well enough for children / students with a disability. I then set about creating my own equipment that allowed those children with complex needs to be able to participate within the lessons.

I then discovered that the equipment that I had invented was very much needed in the schools / clubs that I worked in as more and more children with additional needs were coming into mainstream schools and the standard issue school equipment was just not allowing them to participate within their lessons.

As the equipment was being used within the lessons, more & more teachers were then asking for lesson plan advice and that’s when I started talks with my long-term friend and business partner Louise Assioun – LUSU Sports was then formed. Her professional expertise & extensive knowledge of disability teacher training was in valuable in this field.

The journey began and it still continues to be written……

Susan Morrison – The Su of LUSU!!

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