LUSU Sensory Tennis Kit

£660.00 Inc VAT.

Diagram shows the contents of the LUSU Sensory Tennis Kit

This Sensory Tennis LUSUKit has been specifically designed with the focus on enjoyment, learning and developing fundamental movements through tennis.

All pieces within the bag can be used individually or linked together providing lots of creative solutions to deliver sensory tennis.

Sensory Tennis is the new innovative programme designed in collaboration with Sense and the LTA, to create meaningful tennis activities for people with complex disabilities.

The Sensory Tennis LUSUKit is available in Black only

LUSUKit contains:

1 x Large Wheelie Bag

10 x Head 21 Inch Tennis Rackets

10 x Tap Hands

5 x Large Lightweight Balls

15 x 8cm Foam Balls

2 x Small Airflow Bell Balls

10 x Disc Markers

2 x Tap & Swings

5 x Catching Nets

5 x Rattle Balls

10 x Nylon Squares (various colours)

10 x Mini Tennis Red Felt Balls

2 x Sensory Balls

10 x 8cm Fluff Balls (Various colours)

5 Balloon Balls (with 5 spare balloons)

1 x Set of Sensory Tennis Lesson Plans (6 weeks)

Diagram shows the contents of the LUSU Sensory Tennis Kit

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