LUSU Class Kit

£636.00 Inc VAT.

The kit consists of 116 pieces of equipment  that will develop a broad range of skills. It is supplied with a set of lesson plans, to work in conjunction with the equipment. The kit is fully inclusive and will help the pupils to develop on their hand eye coordination.

LUSUKit contains:

1 x Large Wheelie Bag

8 x Tap Hands

4 x Large Lightweight Balls

8 x Small Balls

8 x Small Airflow Bell Balls

8 x Hoops (30cm)

8 x Target Hoop Covers

8 x Disc Markers

8 x Rockets

2 x Tap & Swings

4 x Catching Nets

8 x Rattle Balls

16 x Nylon Squares (various colours)

2 x Sensory Balls

8 x Fluff Balls (Various colours)

4 Balloon Balls (with 8 spare balloons)

1 x Whiteboard

1 x Set of Activity Cards

1 x Ball Pump

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