LUSU Lockdown Activities

Wow 10 weeks on from the start of lockdown, and we have been so fortunate to have worked with and met so many people, had a great team of helpers and learnt, developed and adapted so much, including getting our heads around technology!
Here’s a quick peek of some of our activities….
It started with challenges and coaching tips from the back garden and inside the house, joining the new hashtag #stayinworkout. These went from placing them onto our Facebook page, to creating our new LUSU You Tube Channel.
We skyped / zoomed and joined many conferences, as participants and presenters, have made some great new contacts to work with post lockdown and have learnt many new things along the way.
We added a LUSU Shop to our Facebook page to provide a helpful platform to purchase any of the LUSUKit.
One of our biggest projects, has been working in partnership with CADS Seashell Trust continuing the LDP Stockport Project with families. Our initial family workshop, assisting families to get active had to be stopped due to Covid-19 and so the evolvement of a new way of working started.

Developed in 2 phases:

Phase 1 – to create a LUSUKit bag for families and work with the families selected to assist in creating activity ideas and supporting them through the early weeks of lockdown. Phase 2 – following the evaluation of phase 1, we listened and developed the resources and package further. More sensory equipment was introduced and Activity Cards using the STEP principle were added with the added benefit of being linked to the film footage on You Tube. Support was still provided, with the additional LIVE LUSU Sessions, held during the half term break at 11am. We were completely out of our comfort zone and were learning very quickly about how to work with technology and deliver to a camera rather than actual people .We created 40 minute sessions and a small community of friends, who gave us great smiles and lots of energy.
As this blog is written, the sun shines, it is the afternoon of the final day of Live sessions and we really feel that our journey has created a great team of friends, who have supported and evolved a concept, to provide fun and pleasure for families, children and young people who have a disability or additional needs.
A big thank you to those who have supported, checked and challenged us on this project. Stephen Pearson & Gemma Lynch – instrumental and without their support, guidance and hard work, we would not have had this opportunity. Wesley, Carol & Charlotte who supported the live sessions and worked every camera and IT device we could set up. Jo who videoed and edited the film footage that linked to the activity cards. Jane who helped distribute the LUSUKit to the families and Price Balls for being able to distribute a Mini Red ball in lockdown. Thanks to the families who took a big leap of faith and during these unique and uncertain times, allowed us virtually into their home and family life. Finally, thank you to Lisa and Claire, who designed, edited activity cards, helped develop QR Codes, helped make and pack bags, and lived with our constant evolvement of the project. We look forward to taking & sharing this learning into Phase 3…. meeting new friends and creating new work partnerships.

The videos made in the garden (Image A)
Advertisement for the PSCL Lockdown Zoom Meeting (Image B)
Screenshot of the LUSU You Tube Channel (Image C)
Getting ready for the LIVE Session (image D)
The view from behind the cameras (image E)
LIVE on TV – LUSU Sports streamed onto the TV (image F)

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