6-week LUSU
Coach in a room

How it works after you have 
joined the programme:
You will receive your introductory email, providing you with your LUSU Login.

From here you can access your 'Welcome on Board' video which will welcome you and ensure you have all you need to get started and to set expectations. You will be able to access the LUSU Activity cards and access the LUSUTV, so you can get a sneak preview whilst waiting for your LUSUKit.
Within 3 days of joining, your LUSUKit activity box arrives through the post.

Containing an individual backpack consisting of inclusive, brightly coloured, sensory items which have been specially designed to motivate and encourage activity.

Also in the box, will be your LUSU Activity Cards with QR Code – 8 Activity Cards which include 3 activities, the STEP framework illustrating how to progress and adapt the activity and a QR code linking to video footage housed on the LUSU You Tube channel, with the bonus of further 2 activities to do with that piece of equipment.
You will be guided through ‘6 weeks’ of a LUSU coach in the room, allowing you the flexibility to watch, rewind and start again.

You can access this content at a time which suits you and your family. The series has been developed around the concept of the LUSU Games, and each video will focus on a different sport, breaking it down into ‘bite size’ chunks and activities to have a go at.
To complement the 6-week coach in the room, you will also be able to access the LUSU Challenge cards, providing a series of challenges for your family to complete.

These challenges use the LUSUKit and include activities such as sending, receiving, balances – all components complement activities on the curriculum. You can also download your LUSU Achievement log card, and colour in the smiley face once you have completed the challenge.
A PDF Participation certificate will be available to download, to put up and celebrate the activity journey.
Throughout the year, we will also be adding additional challenge cards, developed around a theme eg, The LUSU 12 Challenges of Christmas. You will have full access to these additional ideas.
And don’t forget, LUSUTV will be regularly updated and new ideas will be added to give you a variety of content to work through.
We can’t wait for you to join the LUSU programme, so just click here and let’s begin the journey together...

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