The Impact of the LUSUKIT on Patrick’s life!

Before the LUSUKIT was introduced to eleven year old Patrick who has cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user, he would attend his PE / after-school clubs with his TA & PA but he found that the assistants would be taking over and doing the skills for him.

When his family received a LUSU individual bag, it really changed his PE/Club lessons.

When he attended the netball sessions, he was able to use an extendable net whilst seated in his wheelchair and therefore he was not daunted and subsequently disappointed when faced with a 3.5-metre-high net.

The T-stand and lighter ball included in the LUSUkit allowed Patrick to be able to feel included in the football sessions and join in practising his skills with his friends and for them to also see what he could do… he felt part of the team!

The equipment has also allowed him to attend sports clubs so that every week he can work alongside his pears and focus more on his technique, coordination and develop his movement.

The LUSUKIT has been so good for his independence, social skills and his mental wellbeing.

The bag has been a HUGE part of his family life, they have been able to take it on their holiday trips where as a family they can all join in with activities together… football, rounders, tennis, dodgeball, pool games and many more.

The family really believe the LUSUKIT has really changed Patrick’s life as now he can be part of many sporting activity.

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