Today it was an absolute pleasure to be invited to assist Frankie Rohan at the VI B1 GB training camp at Birchwood Leisure and Tennis Complex.

The standard of the players with no vision was phenomenal. ???????? They really enjoyed working on serve and return with direction.

It would be good if Sports Governing Bodies included some time assisting at events like these in their training/qualification so coaches get the full experience.

A HUGE thank you to Frankie, and to all the volunteers…Ben, Jayne Huxley-Grantham Pat, Philippa and Junko for their fantastic support . ????????????????????????

No rain is going to stop Sue and the Time out Team playing Tennis ……. oh no, Sue will always put a plan into action!
From the court to the hub, the hub to playing under the shop canopy and then out into the shopping precinct. Sue really enjoyed seeing the shoppers faces as they came out of Tesco’s.
No matter what the weather we make sure everyone has a lot of fun, smile alot and be active.

Sue loved being back playing at Meriton Road Park in Handforth and what lovely weather they all had.

Sue was delivering tennis coaching to The Time Out Group and as you can see from their faces how much they all loved being outside playing lots of fun tennis skills.

A huge thank you to Jayne from Cheshire LTA for coming yesterday and supporting the group.

It was so nice to deliver Sensory Tennis at Seashell yesterday with some great support from Jayne Huxley-Grantham from Cheshire LTA .

The children just loved all the bright & fun equipment which allowed them all to be part of the session…..from building the Tap & Swing in various ways to play ball, flying fish with extra tails & soft rackets for lightness and control!!

Sue had a great session with the Time Out Group this week.

The weather wasn’t going to stop LUSU. We set up some great table activities which everyone loved joining in with and really got everyone having fun.

Great day full of fun snd smiles.

Today I had a lovely meeting, with Hannah at Life Leisure to see their new indoor Padel court & to chat about the new classes that they are planning for Houldsworth Village.

Why not take a look or maybe book a court to try out this exciting up & coming sport.

Yesterday, Sue delivered a training session to the local Community Group Coaches. These coaches deliver to disability adults and juniors in there communities.

What a great session.

Over the past few days LUSU Sports has been training Access Sport and LTA coaches in Sensory Sports, Visually Impaired sports, wheelchair sports and Learning Difficulties in young adults and children.

Sensory tennis revolutionizes the sporting experience, particularly for individuals with complex disabilities, by providing a unique and inclusive approach to the game. Through a combination of modified equipment, specialised coaching techniques, and tailored sensory stimuli, sensory tennis creates an environment where participants of all abilities can fully engage and enjoy the sport.

By incorporating elements such as auditory cues, tactile feedback, and visual aids, individuals with complex disabilities are empowered to explore and develop their tennis skills in a way that suits their specific needs and preferences. This innovative approach not only fosters physical activity and motor skill development but also promotes social interaction, confidence-building, and a sense of accomplishment.

Sensory tennis opens doors to new possibilities and ensures that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can experience the thrill of playing tennis and the joy of being part of a vibrant sporting community.

Day 1 of LUSU Sports on Tour – drive through the city to London South Bank Uni.

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