Another wonderful day delivering tennis on the The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust Learning Disability Camp at the fabulous Grantham Tennis Club & Gym.

Myself, Andy & Alison had so much fun and laughter, coaching & playing with all the players!

We received such lovely feedback at the end.. all wanting more events like this. Great day!

Thank you Andy & Alison for the amazing coaching…great Teamwork????????????????????????????

Thank you Grantham for organising the lovely lunch & making us all feel very welcome????

Sue had such a wonderful day at the LimbPower Family Fun Day at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

She met so many lovely families who really enjoyed the day with all the brilliant sports & activities on offer, but what was so nice to see was the children coming back for more tennis.

They loved playing and were so keen to play more.

Such a fabulous event!

No rain is going to stop Sue and the Time out Team playing Tennis ……. oh no, Sue will always put a plan into action!
From the court to the hub, the hub to playing under the shop canopy and then out into the shopping precinct. Sue really enjoyed seeing the shoppers faces as they came out of Tesco’s.
No matter what the weather we make sure everyone has a lot of fun, smile alot and be active.

What a fantastic day LUSU Sports had with Nick & Mel from Grow the Game alongside the amazing Suzanne from Strength & Conditioning & Mike from Everyball Tennis to deliver at Buckinghamshire, Berkshire & Oxfordshire LTA Conference.

It was absolutely fantastic to see the the enthusiasm for all our collective ideas & resources and how they went away excited to transfer them into their own coaching programmes.

Thank you LTA & Dan Maskell Tennis Trust for inviting LUSU Sports to deliver another Parastanding tennis camp.

It was really well received and the feedback was that they wanted more events like this!

We had a diverse range of ages and abilities and all enjoyed a fun, energetic & structured session.

We would also like to thank Jayne from Cheshire LTA for all her help & support.

Take a look at the photo’s to show how much fun the group had.

It was so nice to deliver Sensory Tennis at Seashell yesterday with some great support from Jayne Huxley-Grantham from Cheshire LTA .

The children just loved all the bright & fun equipment which allowed them all to be part of the session…..from building the Tap & Swing in various ways to play ball, flying fish with extra tails & soft rackets for lightness and control!!

Sue had a great session with the Time Out Group this week.

The weather wasn’t going to stop LUSU. We set up some great table activities which everyone loved joining in with and really got everyone having fun.

Great day full of fun snd smiles.

Here at LUSU we want to highlight “International Wheelchair week”.

International Wheelchair Day is an annual global event dedicated to acknowledging the significance of wheelchairs and the empowerment they provide to millions of people worldwide.

Here at LUSU we work with many children and adults in wheelchairs and we see the hard work, dedication and determination to make sure that life is inclusive to them.

Sport brings everyone to life including wheelchair users and it shows this through the Invictus games and also how many sports are now available and big within the wheelchair users lives.

International Wheelchair Day celebrates diversity, promotes accessibility, and advocates for the rights of wheelchair users worldwide. By raising awareness, we can create a more inclusive society where everyone can participate fully and equally.

Yesterday, Sue delivered a training session to the local Community Group Coaches. These coaches deliver to disability adults and juniors in there communities.

What a great session.

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