Yesterday, Sue delivered a training session to the local Community Group Coaches. These coaches deliver to disability adults and juniors in there communities.

What a great session.

Over the past few days LUSU Sports has been training Access Sport and LTA coaches in Sensory Sports, Visually Impaired sports, wheelchair sports and Learning Difficulties in young adults and children.

Sensory tennis revolutionizes the sporting experience, particularly for individuals with complex disabilities, by providing a unique and inclusive approach to the game. Through a combination of modified equipment, specialised coaching techniques, and tailored sensory stimuli, sensory tennis creates an environment where participants of all abilities can fully engage and enjoy the sport.

By incorporating elements such as auditory cues, tactile feedback, and visual aids, individuals with complex disabilities are empowered to explore and develop their tennis skills in a way that suits their specific needs and preferences. This innovative approach not only fosters physical activity and motor skill development but also promotes social interaction, confidence-building, and a sense of accomplishment.

Sensory tennis opens doors to new possibilities and ensures that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can experience the thrill of playing tennis and the joy of being part of a vibrant sporting community.

We’ve had a great week delivering on LTA Tennis courses.

Monday saw us go to Nottingham Tennis Centre to deliver the L4 inclusion CPD – a focus on neurodiverse and long term health conditions.

Tuesday in Manchester delivering the new Disability Awareness Course (DAC) on the new LTA level 3.

Then up to Leeds Beckett University for more DAC delivery on their Level 3 course.

Love working with the coaches and tutors.

We are so proud of the collaboration with the LTA Coach Development to produce these CPD courses as part of the coaches L3 and L4 qualifications.

Tango is back!!! Yes, after a few months of hibernation, Tango feels it’s cold enough to get back on his travels.

He has travelled to the parastanding tennis festival at the LTA – Tennis For Britain – saw some great tennis on court and met some lovely tennis players. Even spotted Andy Murray and Adam Hills.

Yesterday he travelled to Birmingham to the head quarters of Aspire Active Education to watch the filming session, recording the voice over for the online inclusive PEcourse, an exciting project due out in the new year ????

Keep an eye out for Tango, as he’s back exploring and doing what he loves, travelling and meeting new people.

It was such a priviledge joining the coaching team and players for the LTA’s first Parastanding Tennis Festival at the National Tennis Centre Club with fabulous energy on court, creating an atmosphere to be proud of.

From the beginners to the World level players, a day in history, well done to all.

Yesterday Sue was invited to deliver at The Active Primary School Conference 2023 organised by Aspire Sports UK.

We really had a fabulous day exhibiting our LUSU Kit and demonstrating how to make their SEN PE lessons fully inclusive.

The video attached shows the teachers having fun with nylon squares, full balls and tap hands to music.

LUSU has really enjoyed the last couple of days delivering the LTA SEN Youth Primary School Teacher Training Course.

The Students & Teachers started off saying that they have never played or enjoyed tennis and they didn’t think that pupils with Complex Disabilities would be able to play.

But by the end of the end of the session they all said they really enjoyed the tennis activities, having fun and the Sensory Tennis & LTA resources.

**The photos are showing students & teachers having a go at Sensory /School tennis **

Susan Morrison & Andy Bell spent the day at Tennis Chesterfield to deliver a Learning Disability Tennis Camp.

They had a fabulous day … to music, fun ways to serve, forehands shapes & fun games to finish. We all loved the fab venue , great food & meeting new friends.????????????

A BIG thank you to the volunteers & parents for all their support.

The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust

Cheshire LTASense

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*The photos attached shows Sue, Andy, volunteers & the Learning Disability Group playing lot’s of fabulous tennis activities *

WE WON !!!!!!!!!

Yes, last night we attended the “Disability Sports Awards 2023” where LUSU has been nominated for the “Innovation Award” and yes, we WON!

We are so happy and thank everyone who nominated us for this award, we feel so proud to accept it – thank you so much.

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