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We are surrounded by a plethora of holiday clubs these days and sometimes it may feel overwhelming with the number of different types to choose from but a well chosen camp can have enormous benefits for a child. Many camps are offering new activities which are enjoyable for children and it is important to know that your child is having a great time, in a safe and secure environment.

Children can explore new activities and try something they’ve not done before, all the while building on their self – confidence. They learn to develop their social skills as they engage with other children who may be from different schools, backgrounds and have different abilities. A child can also gain independence as they have the freedom to make decisions and be completely themselves.

Most camps will have a focus on physical activity, keeping the children physically fit, BUT did you know this really helps keeping the children’s brain active. As the activity increases the heart rate, more oxygen is pumped to the brain, which in assists the release of hormones providing the idea environment for the growth of brain cells. The exercise also increases and stimulates the growth of new connections, new synapses which helps learning and memory, making it easier to absorb information and form long-term memories.

Camps also promote new skill development in the children, encouraging children to challenge themselves and solve problems. Working with others, in a team is a great way of creating new friendships. This is particularly important as they relax and have fun.

We are of course, mindful that with the cost of living going up, a holiday club may not be an option for everybody, but it may be worth noting that there is government funding available.

The HAF programme (Holiday Activity Funding) provides many cheaper places at clubs that may incorporate both activity and food for young children

It is important that staff supporting the camps are trained in inclusion as this, increases the confidence of parents to entrust their child to the care of others. Coaches / staff who have an understanding of how to support children with special educational needs, who ensure the children are engaged in the activities and how how to modify the activity options will ensure that everyone will enjoy the camps. 

Our LUSU Inclusive training does exactly this, we feel it is so important that anyone delivering activities to children are training in inclusive practice and we are proud to hear the feedback from the coaches after our courses. 

‘It was really informative, took a lot of great ideas away’

‘It supported me in understanding how to work with all children’

‘It has widened my knowledge on different disabilities and how to adapt activities for them’

‘I now understand what steps I need to take to make sure that all children are engaged in learning.’

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