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Lou's insight into Inclusive Coaching for UK Coaching

Title of the Article - Become an Inclusive Coach to Be a Better Coach

I had the unexpected pleasure to be contacted by Charlotte Potterton, who was looking to write a piece for UK Coaching to be released during the UK Coaching Week (7-13 June).

Feeling nervous, I was made to feel very at ease as we chatted for an hour about my journey as a coach, tutor, coach education and also content developer. We looked at my coaching values, my coaching philosophy and just generally chatted over a virtual cup of tea.

I was very humbled when Charlotte sent over the link to the article on the UK Coaching’s website. I hope you enjoy reading the article as much as I enjoy coaching, delivering activity for all.

Becoming an Inclusive Coach to Be a Better Coach

Quote taken from article -The activity is a vehicle to help people make changes. It might be a small change that then escalates into bigger and better changes as they become more self-confident. It might then impact on their sleep, their health and even their nutritional choices.”
Quote taken from article -Ultimately, it’s about making sure that everyone’s included. Regardless of the environment, I see my role as a coach as to inspire people, whether they’re a volunteer or someone that’s coming along for the session.”


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