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LUSU links with New Age Kurling

Image of New Age Kurling set, target and 2 pushers

LUSU Sports has linked with New Age Kurling.

We are pleased to announce this news, as we regularly use Kurling in all the Festivals we deliver at including NATSPEC Games, Special Olympics Come & Try events, Sense Event, Holiday Clubs, RFU IPF weekends and Battleback to name a few.

New Age Kurling is a team sport adapted from the more traditional sport of curling to be fully inclusive for all people. Between two and four players on opposing teams compete in a tactical game which involves sliding weighted stones towards a circular target.

Similar to bowls, but is traditionally played inside and uses a static target rather than a moving ball. Players are permitted to move the stones with their hands, feet, or using a ramp in the case of those with severe impairments.

Each team has a set number of stones and take it in turns to slide a stone towards the target. An ‘end’ is completed when all the stones have been used, with a match traditionally made up of four or more ends.

The team which has their stone closest to the centre of the target at the completion of the end receives one point, with an additional point for each stone closer than their opponent’s nearest stone. Scoring is cumulative and is calculated over the full game.

We are NOW supplying through the shop, equipment including:

  1. New Age Curling Stones and Carry Case
  2. Targets
  3. Stone Pushers

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