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LUSU deliver a workshop at the International Symposium on Physical Activity

4 Photos in a Collage - Top Left, photo of the brochure, top right is photo of tennis rackets, VI tennis balls and goal ball, Bottom Left is a photo of a B1 player preparing to serve, bottom right - same B1 player with a lovely hill behind them.

On Friday 10th May, Louise from LUSU Sport, had the fantastic opportunity to deliver a VI Tennis Workshop on behalf of the LTA, at the International Symposium on Physical Activity and Individuals with Visual Impairments of Deafblindness in Edinburgh.

A practical workshop, showcasing B1 tennis, was delivered with Sidney (a B1 tennis player from Newcastle). Delegates observed movement skills, tracking and playing blind tennis, with the player demonstrating the serve and return. Sidney, then coached a delegate through an overarm serve, and then took the opportunity to return the serve he had just coached.

The session ended with a Q&A session. It was a great opportunity to share good practice and meet new international colleagues who are working with individuals with sight loss and introduce VI Tennis to them.

For more information on the symposium, please see the link below and the Twitter #PAIVID


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